A Shadow Story

Reinventing the way children read at night.

An example of the transformation between the pages read in the dark versus read with a light
On desktop: hover over, on mobile: touch the image to "illuminate" the page

"What's Really There" is a book written and designed to help children learn to not be afraid of the dark.

The story can only be told properly with the aid of a flashlight. As the child shines their light at the page, it projects a shadow on the wall that differs from the illustration on the page.

This serves two purposes. First and foremost, it allows the child to learn through positive reinforcement that the darkness is often not as scary as it seems, and sometimes light is a good tool to overcome the fear.

It also serves to bring children away from insomnia-inducing LED storytelling devices, such as tablets and cell phones, in an effort to bring bedtime stories back to physical, tactile books.

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This is a video of the book being read. On the left-hand side is the spooky side of the book, and on the right-hand side is the friendly side of the book that is revealed when the book is read with a flashlight.